巴西拉力赛车手将Ram1500 Rebel带到19744英尺的安第斯山脉!



2022 Ram 1500 Rebel Crew Cab 4×4 Tackling The Andes Mountains. (Haroldo Nogueira Jr.).

给你一个想法,这个高度相当于商业飞机飞行的高度。在整个过程中,缺氧一直是一个主要问题,因为它可能会影响团队的身体和认知能力。在这方面,适应工作至关重要。整个冒险过程都记录在网络系列“Desafio dos Andes”(安第斯挑战)中,其第一集见下文。剩下的八个部分将在接下来的几周内发布:6月15日第2集至第5集,7月15日第6集至第9集。

配备5.7升HEMI V8发动机和26加仑油箱(98升),叛军唯一的改动是将其出口Falken荒野a/T轮胎改为一套 通用轮胎抓取器X³33×12/50 R18轮胎 在安第斯山脉恶劣的地形中表现出色。作为大陆轮胎组合的一部分,北美通用轮胎品牌是该项目的赞助商。这些轮胎在泥泞、泥土、岩石甚至雪地中都具有优异的性能,在安第斯山脉的道路上行驶时都会遇到这种情况。

“In the Cordillera, everything is immense: the mountains, the cold, the challenge. Only those who live this experience of driving a 4×4 at altitude can understand the size of the effort and the meaning of this achievement. At 40 years old, this victory is one of the legacies I leave for my daughters”, celebrated Vasconcellos.

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel Crew Cab 4×4 Tackling The Andes Mountains. (Haroldo Nogueira Jr.).

Renato Perotti invested five years of his life to carry out the project of reaching 6,000 meters for the first time in 2016. “Having the opportunity to relive this goal alongside Amanda has become the dream of the entire team. There were weeks of preparation in Brazil to face an extreme level off-road, with sand, gravel, cliffs, scary canyons, very steep climbs, snow, ice, rocks, and passing through isolated places within a radius of 100 km with no sign of life,” said Perotti.

“It was with great enthusiasm that we received the opportunity to sponsor the ‘Desafio dos Andes’ project, providing our tires for an adventure of this magnitude. And, of course, it is very gratifying to be able to celebrate the achievement of Amanda and Renato. For us, this result proves in practice, once again, the strength and performance attributes of General Tire tires in the most critical driving conditions”, highlighted Rodrigo Bonilha, Vice President of Continental Tires – Brazil.

2022 Ram 1500 Rebel Crew Cab 4×4 Tackling The Andes Mountains. (Haroldo Nogueira Jr.).

The “Andes Challenge” was an 8,000 km (or about 5,000 miles) adventure that required a lot of planning, good equipment, courage, and professionalism. The departure was in Campinas, São Paulo, on April 1st, returning to the same city exactly two weeks later. The route included, among other places, Miranda, Portezuelo, Chilca, and Las Placetas, in addition to part of the route already used during the traditional Dakar rally in Argentina.

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